Before the Manna Huy Factories are launched for leases, Manna Huy Trading and Services Co., Ltd. was fully licensed and granted by the Binh Duong Provincial Departments regarding to relevant required documents in order to create the best conditions offered to investors and tenants as they are going to rent and lease Manna Huy factories.

Therefore, right after signing the Principle Agreement to lease Manna Huy workshop, the investor only focuses on the following works:

1- Apply for Licenses:

  1. Certificate of Business Certificate
  2. Investment License (demonstrated for the tax exemptions)
  3. Environmental License for the investor’s project
  4. Fire Prevention and Fighting License (FPFL) if the investor has renovated the architecture and inside structure of the leased factory

2- The following steps needed to do after receiving the Investment License:

  1. Apply for Registration of company sealed mark
  2. Open the company’s accounts
  3. Publish and announce the granted business information on newspapers
  4. Apply for Registration of labor regulations / labor regulations
  5. Register accounting mode and standard
  6. Recruit labors
  7. Jump into a production …

Total time from signing the In-Principle Contract to lease the ready built factory of Manna Huy to production operation is about 2 to 3 months. Of course, Manna Huy Trading and Services Co., Ltd is hereby committed to accompany with investors/ tenants to perform jobs quickly and effectively as well. Please see details.