MannaHuy factory for lease invested and operated MannaHuy Trading and Services Co., Ltd., is invested for construction of standardized factory modules in according to the market demand and requirement, where investors come to rent for short-term or long-term. The production can be carried out quickly because the accompanying facilities of the factory are already built with the following functional features:

  1. Factory size: from 1280 m2 to 10,000 m2 is erected by fabricated solid steel frames, pacing beam length 48 m without middle column that can be offered with a maximized space of using and machine layout… – View more
  2. Roofing zinc sheet and wall panels are both cold tole making the factory be always cooler than other factories covered by a colored tole despite having insulation layer. The important thing that a few of people has paid attention to an insulation layer it will be ruined and failed off after the first few years of use, this makes the thermal efficiency of the insulation no longer available, causing loss of aesthetics for the whole. Factory, and even there is a fire or explosion, it is easy to hurt workers and firefighters… – View more
  3. Factory’s floor loaded capacity: The factory floor is reinforced on the top with concrete layer with the steel mesh of 350 and 15 cm thick; Average compressive strength of 428.6 DaN / cm2 for concrete test specimens of 15cmx15cmx15cm. The concrete surface is covered with a hardener, creating a smooth and clean foundation… – View more
  4. Internal roads: width of the road surface is from 12 m to 15 m… – View more
  5. Fire prevention and fighting system: Fire alarm system and automatic sprinkler accompany 02 fire fighting water tanks with the capacity of 960m3 in the total 8 ha of the project. There are 04 fire fighting pump stations, each station has 3 ~ 4 pcs of 100% new pumps with the capacity required by the Fire Security Department of Binh Duong Province. The fire hydrants, steering wheels, nozzles, powder fire extinguishers, Co2 fire extinguishers, Command posts … are all 100% new invested. There are 03 electric sources connected to 03 roads of the Industrial Park, creating independence source of power for the operating pumps, creating the most active and effective feature in fire fighting in the event of a fire or explosion… – View more
  6. Power/ Electrics Supply: Because the overall Manna Huy Factory project is located on 03 main roads of the Industrial Park, the ability to provide continuous power for the overall project is very high. Currently, there are 8 transformer stations, each of 630KVA station is supplying enough voltage electricity to factories in Manna Huy Factory Modules… – View more
  7. Security System & Surrounding Fences. View more
  8. Rain water system: using condensed concrete pipes with large diameters. Cos ground level of roads bounded the factory is invested and bought more land to raise the ground level by MannaHuy Trading and Services Co., Ltd that is higher than the industrial ground surface of the IP from 60 ~ 80 cm. As this job has done, the ground level has offered a good condition for drainage easily. (workshops built by other investors: cos of ground level is lower because the owners did not invest more for ground level, they are only focusing on a profit and a less investment…. View more
  9. Waste water collection and treatment system: it can be able to close and disconnect the system of waste water collection in case of an incident without affecting the operation of other enterprises… – View more
  10. Plantations and gardening: it is focused to developed more…. – View more