Fire Prevention and Fighting System: it is heavy invested by the 100% branch new and modern facilities including:

1- The automatic fire fighting and fighting sprinkler system is installed and connected with 02 fire fighting water tanks, each water tank capacity is 960 cubic meters.

2- There are 04 fire fighting pump stations: each station has 3 ~ 4 pumps with the capacity required by the Fire Rescue Police Department of Binh Duong province.

3- The fire hydrants, steering wheels, nozzles, powder extinguishers, Co2 fire extinguishers, command posts, etc. are all newly invested.

The whole 8 hectare project of Manna Huy Factories’ Zone for lease is equipped by these facility systems.

Photo: Control Panel of Fire Fighting Station


Photo: the pumper system of Fire Fighting Station is including 01 Pcs of Diesel, 02 Pcs of Electric and 01 pcs of stabilized pumpers


Photo: Fireproof diaphragm (03 pipes of Water Sprinkler)
Photo: Sprinkler system is installed inside of factory (Red pipes)
Photo: Hose Box for Fire fighting activities.


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