1. Internal roads: the width of roads is from 12 m to 22 m
Photo: A corner No.1 of internal roads nearby Main Gate II, in the Manna Huy Factory Zone
Photo: Corner No.1 & Corner No.2 of internal roads nearby Main Gate II.

2. The sea level of Manna Huy road surfaces is 60 to 80 cm higher than the surface of the industrial park roads, ensuring the fastest drainage, without fear of being flooded

Photo: Gate No. III and Reinforced concrete road of Manna Huy Factory is higher than the outside asphalt road of the Industrial Park

3. The high loaded capacity of the reinforced concrete roads can be borne with a heavy container truck to come in and out of the factory smoothly.

Photo: a corner of reinforced concrete curb
Photo: a heavy container truck is waiting for unloading
Photo: Many containers are coming
Photo: The Main Road between 02 blocks of buildings can be borne with many trucks


Photo: Road surface is nearby Gate No.I, Manna Huy Factory’s zone for lease
Photo: Gate No. I, Manna Huy Factory’s zone for lease


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